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Commonly found sea fish species in Kerala

These are the fishes commonly found in inshore and deep sea habitats of Kerala coast. For each type of fish only the commonly found species are listed.

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Sardine is the common name given to a number of oily fish species belonging to the family Clupeidae.

Name: Goldstripe sardinella
Scientific Name: Sardinella gibbosa
Malayalam: Chaala, Mathi

Images of Goldstripe sardinella

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Name: Indian oil sardine

Scientific Name: Sardinella Longiceps
Malayalam: Chaala, Mathi

More images of Indian oil sardine

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Name: Fringescale sardinella
Scientific Name: Sardinella fimbriata
Malayalam: Kari-chaala

Images of Fringescale sardinella

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Name: Indian Mackerel
Scientific Name: Rastrelliger kanagurta
Malayalam: Ayala

More images of Indian Mackerel

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Name: Black Pomfret
Scientific Name: Parastromateus
Malayalam: Aavoli

Images of Black Pomfret

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Name: Silver Pomfret
Scientific Name: Pampus argenteus
Malayalam: Velutha Aavoli

Images of Silver Pomfret

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Seer fish

Name: Seer fish, King-fish, Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel
Scientific Name: Scomberomorus commerson
Malayalam: Naimeen / Ayakoora

Images of Seer fish

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Name: Seer Fish, Indo-Pacific king mackerel

Scientific Name: Scomberomorus guttatus
Malayalam: Naimeen / Ayakoora

Images of Seer Fish

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Name: Wahoo
Scientific Name: Acanthocybium solandri
Malayalam: Ayakoora

Images of Wahoo

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Name: Kawa Kawa, Mackerel Tuna
Scientific Name: Euthynnus affinis
Malayalam: Choora

Images of Tuna

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Name: Pacific Bonito
Scientific Name: Sarda chilensis
Malayalam: Choora

Images of Tuna

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Name: Pacific bluefin tuna
Scientific Name: Thunnus orientalis
Malayalam: Choora

Images of Pacific bluefin tuna

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Name: Striped bonito
Scientific Name: Sarda orientalis
Malayalam: Vaari Choora

Images of Striped bonito

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Name: Frigate tuna
Scientific Name: Auxis thazard thazard
Malayalam: Ellichoora, Ayalachoora

Images of Frigate tuna

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Elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays)


More than sixty species of sharks are found in Indian waters of which more than twenty of the Carcharhinidae and Sphyrnidae families contribute to fishery.

Name: Blacktip shark
Scientific Name: Carcharhinus limbatus
Malayalam: Sraavu, choraku

Images of Blacktip shark

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Name: Spadenose shark
Scientific Name: Scoliodon laticaudus
Malayalam: Sraavu, choraku

Images of Spadenose shark

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Name: Whitecheek shark
Scientific Name: Carcharhinus dussumieri
Malayalam: Sraavu, choraku

Pictures of Whitecheek shark

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Ray fish

Name: Javanese cownose ray
Scientific Name: Rhinoptera javanica
Malayalam: Therandi, Tirandi

Images of Javanese cownose ray

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Name: White tail sting ray
Scientific Name: Dasyatis bleekeri
Malayalam: Therandi, Tirandi

Images of White tail sting ray

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Name: Pink perch, Japanese threadfin bream
Scientific Name: Nemipterus japonicus
Malayalam: Kilimeen

More images of Pink perch

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Name: Convict Surgeonfish
Scientific Name: Acanthurus triostegus
Malayalam: Kurichil

Photos of Convict Surgeonfish

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Name: Indian anchovy
Scientific Name: Stolephorus indicus
Malayalam: Kozhuva, Natholi, Nethal

Images of Indian anchovy

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Name: Silver Moony, Fingerfish
Scientific Name: Monodactylus Argenteus

Images of Silver Moony

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Name: Jew fish
Scientific Name: Nibea soldado
Malayalam: Kora

Images of Jew fish

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Name: Bengal tongue-sole, Sole Fish
Scientific Name: Cynoglossus semifasciatus
Malayalam: Nangu, Manthal

Images of Sole Fish

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Name: Bluefin trevally
Scientific Name: Caranx melampygus
Malayalam: Vatta

Images of Bluefin trevally

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Name: False trevally
Scientific Name:
Lactarius lactarius
Malayalam: Parava

Images of False trevally

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Name: Finletted mackerel
Scientific Name: Megalaspis cordyla
Malayalam: Thiriyan, Vangada, Kanni ayala

More images of Finletted mackerel

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Name: Blacktip sea catfish
Scientific Name: Plicofollis dussumier
Malayalam: Etta

Images of Blacktip sea catfish

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Name: Malabar thryssa
Scientific Name: Thryssa malabarica
Malayalam: Manangu

Images of Malabar thryssa

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Name: White sardine
Scientific Name: Escualosa thoracata
Malayalam: Veloori

Images of White sardine

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Name: Black Spot Snapper
Scientific Name: Lutjanus fulviflamus
Malayalam: Pahari, murumeen

Images of Black Spot Snapper

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Name: Pickhandle barracuda

Scientific Name: Sphyraena jello
Malayalam: Seelavu

Images of Pickhandle barracuda

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Common fresh water fishes found in Kerala

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